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SIMRO Consulting is the consultancy specializing in helping companies improve production efficiency through the areas of maintenance, reliability and asset management. For this purpose we offer training and diagnosis consulting services which we adapt to each of our client’s needs.

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in the industrial/productive sector, having developed processes and projects with successful and verifiable results in the areas of our specialization.
The satisfaction of making our clients companies to improve moves us, and we manage to accomplish the objectives through our consultancy and audit of assets management, through predictive and reliability techniques and the education and training of companies teams.

Success Case

Kimberly clark

Asset management audit made with entire maintenance management Board of professionals located in the El Salvador plant. Need for investment in predictive technology, Professional training in advanced diagnosis and reliability methods.


Basic & advanced courses of Condition Monitoring and predictive maintenance strategies for all the wind farms of the company in different countries of Europe and America.


Vibration diagnosis to know the State of thermal oil pumps of the regasification plant LA GAVIOTA. Professional training on Condition Monitoring to reliability engineers.


Consultancy of consulting products development, to increase laser alignment and vibration analysis instruments sales. Audit and Coaching of maintenance training courses.


Vibrations diagnosis of agitator and engines paints dispersants, gearboxes, transmission, agitation and dispersion. Consultancy of the best cost-benefit solution of assets exploitation to increase useful engines life at maximum efficiency.


Criticity, RCM, predictive maintenance professionals training and acquisition of new equipment in west division management of gas of PDVSA Ciudad Ojeda (Maracaibo-Venezuela).

Alas doradas

Predictive management audit made with the entire maintenance management board of the plant in El Salvador. Concluded with a need for investment in offline and online predictive technology of vibrations, training in diagnosis on vibration analysis and maintenance consultancy.


RCM and management of physical assets seminars for the Master of maintenance, organized by the University of Mondragón in the North of Spain.


Professional Training & Communication

Asset Management Key Tools


Mathematical models of criticality calculations help businesses to prioritize the selection of those machines and installations which, by their characteristics, need more attention in maintenance techniques issues.


Analysis Mode of Failure, Effects and Consequences technique, helps to create the cause/effect map of the emergence of unwanted machinery and equipment failures.


Tool to achieve the best return on investments made in the technical departments of the companies of industrial and productive base through the correct design of the decisions tree based on costs.



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