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In Simro Consulting we offer you Consultancy, Audit, training and Diagnosis services all specialized in the areas of operations, finance for the maintenance and departments of Industrial maintenance to assure the objective of improving the processes of your company, the impact on its income statement and the return on the investment made.


Our objective is to accompany you in the identification and implementation of the best solutions for your company in the fields of expertise in asset management and diagnosis of machinery.


Strive to achieve an industrial environment for our customers were, at the human level of production systems, operations are optimized. The customer is at the center of the strategy and performance of our company: our equipment and services are from the beginning designed and oriented to detect and adapt to the personality and unique structures of our customers and thus provide unique service and return.


El cliente está en el centro de la estrategia y funcionamiento de nuestra compañía: Nuestro equipo y servicios están desde el inicio diseñados y orientados para detectar y adaptarse a la personalidad y estructuras singulares de nuestros clientes y ofrecer así un servicio y retorno únicos.


In SIMRO we work hand in hand with our customers in a dynamic of active collaboration and consider their successes ours. Project after project we create a close collaboration with our customers, because we think that it is the basis to provide the best and most sustainable competitive advantages. Through our close collaboration methods, we help organizations to transform, ensuring a direct and real impact on the results and ultimately, in our scope of action, more capable organizations.


SIMRO consultants have specialized academic and professional profiles in assets management of companies and engineering. Profiles of our team provide a unique richness of perspectives which represent an improvement in the capacity for problem solving.

Teams are formed by our doctors, who are also experienced consultants in specific functional areas and industries, all attaining the services we offer.

Both in SIMRO and the consultants team DNA you will find a great concern, curiosity, willingness to share ideas and experiences; a Know how were sincere commitment to customers and the passion for change are at the top of our concerns.


In SIMRO Consulting we service globally. We have our headquarters in Spain and delegations in Latin America, from where we move to the industrial complexes and installations of our customers where we act to offer the best solutions to the challenges.


We work tirelessly to bring solutions and improvements that we detect and our customers need; this is thanks to the complicity and close relationship that we establish throughout the process of work, system that makes SIMRO experience a success of results for companies and the individuals who compose them.


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